Using a highly sophisticated radio controlled copter equipped with an 18 megapixel camera capable of transmitting live imagery to a monitor on the ground, enables precise control of a still or video.

Our aerial photography platform features:

  • GPS POSITION LOCK To hold the copter in one place whilst being able to move the camera independently.
  • ALTITUDE CONTROL To provide real time height information and hold it at that precise height during camera adjustments
  • ELECTRIC BRUSHLESS MOTORS Very low noise output so not to disturb others
  • MANOEUVRABILITY Ability to outperform full sized aircraft by nature of its size and capability of flying in and out of very small areas.
  • SAFETY The copter is equipped with various safety features including fly back to home in the event of a lost signal
  • RANGE The radio is suitable for a 4km range, but in practice this is way beyond what is necessary.
  • FLIGHT TIME Each flight is 10 minutes long and we would expect to take approximately 40 photos in that time. To change the battery takes minutes and off it goes again!
  • COST Each project is going to be different, but as an example, the photos to the left cost £200.

Examples of uses:

  • BROCHURES (hotels, golf clubs etc)
  • LEISURE ACTIVITIES (sports, racing etc)

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